Walmart Sued For Selling Fake Craft Beer

Remember the “craft beer” I bought at Wal-Mart and blogged about a few months ago?

Apparently not everyone could appreciate it for what it was.

More specifically they hated it so much for what it isn’t, actual craft beer, that they’re suing Wal-Mart.

I’m also just bad enough at Googling things that I didn’t realize this lawsuit dates back to February of this year, more than 6 months before I ever bought or reviewed the beer in question!

Cheers and good luck, fellow beer snobs, I guess!

Beer Miles & Milestones

Corey Bellemore of Canada just set a new Beer Mile World Record of 4:33.6

My own personal record (on one attempt) is a little over 10 & a half minutes. I don’t think I could run a sub-5 mile unless I was on roller skates, with or without beer.

I’d also like to take a moment to recognize the amazing Martin Luther – he of the Protestant Reformation – who also altered the course of beer history by embracing hops as a flavoring agent and preservative.

Because he thumbed his nose not only at the Catholic Church’s oppressive grip on the written gospel, but also their monopoly on other beer ingredients, we have the beer we know & love today.

I think I’m going to go for a run later then have a nice, hoppy IPA to quench my thirst.

Happy Friday!

Minding my time

I’m not very good about my mindfulness meditation practice. I should be better given some of the stressors affecting me, but I’ll admit that I’ve gotten into a bad habit of not doing it recently.

Instead I’ve picked up an afternoon coffee habit, literally the opposite of what might be helpful at calming me, but the ritual of coffee drinking is comforting.

The Starbucks on our campus has a cool nitro-infused cold brew system that makes a drink which looks and behaves like a Guinness right down to the “fall” and the creamy head. I even had a coworker ask if I was drinking a Guinness in a meeting.

So while the coffee drinking might be (arguably) actively bad, watching the fall is pretty cool.

To that end here’s almost 20 minutes(!) – it’s a slow motion video – of a cup of cold brew from last week. I’m trying to take the time to be mesmerized by the motion and maybe get back on the mindfulness train sometime soon.


Day Drinking (Deserves a beautiful day)

With apologies to REM, I thought I’d get that title out of my system. Partly because I think it’s funny; partly because I think it’s an accurate representation of the amazing experience I had this Saturday at the new Monday Night Brewing Garage, which also served as MNB’s 6th anniversary party.

Long-time readers (and everyone I’ve ever met at a cocktail party) know I’ve been a fan of Monday Night Brewing for a long time. Their Garage location gets its name from the garage where they originally brewed and shared their beers. I think the space and the beer did an amazing job of capturing the energy and camaraderie
of those Monday nights over a decade ago.

My main goal on Saturday afternoon/evening was enjoying myself (a nice couples date with our awesome cul-de-sac neighbors), drinking some beer & playing a little bit of ping pong. For this reason I don’t have many good pictures – save for me holding chalices of beer – but my wife has some awesome photos if you’re lucky enough to be her friend too.

Here’s the beers I tried, in the order I tried them, not a ranking:

  1. Front Porch
  2. Han Brolo
  3. Situational Ethics (Rum Barrel & Coconut)
  4. Applied Knowledge
  5. Tears of My Enemies
  6. Ante Meridiem
  7. Situational Ethics (Maple Bourbon Barrels & Cinnamon)

I also stole sips of Dr. Robot (fruity), Excolatur (like an Oud Bruin), and Impulse Control (sour!) from my wife. All in all a fantastic slate of beers, though I didn’t get any Above the Clouds before they ran out. :-(

You can see the full list of beers here.

The two versions of the stout I had were both great. I’d love to have either of those beers in a bomber this Christmas (hint, hint!) but I prefer the rum version just a little bit more.

Han Brolo is going to be a great addition to the canned lineup MNB has, though I’m sad to see Eye Patch Ale retired. Something about the drinkability and smoothness of a Pale Ale w/ Lactose is just really hot right now.

For my money, the best beer I had all night was Ante Meridiem. It was just a fabulously balanced beer. I would’ve had an entire pint (and maybe the Excolatur too).

If you’re in Georgia you owe it to yourself to buy some Monday Night beer and come out to either of their locations in town. Now that the beer laws have changed, you’re sure to have a good time & drink some great beer.

It’s also nice to have a brewer that is expanding and succeeding with a fun brand who isn’t experiencing growing pains that are self-inflicted.

Come to the garage and sign their wall (if there’s space) or come to their midtown location and donate a tie. You won’t regret it.

Beers of Walmart

Sooner or later everyone ends up at a Walmart, whether they’d like to be there or not.

Unfortunately for me I had to purchase some items for Jenn this weekend that are just better/easier to get at Walmart, but fortunately I found some new beer I haven’t had, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Now I’ve come to find out that, much like the big macro brewers globally, Walmart is trying to get in to the growing category of craft beer.

I was able to get a six-pack of Cat’s Away IPA (by Trouble Brewing) for under $6 which is pretty amazing. The quality was a lot like an early aught’s knock-off of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, but there are worse things to drink especially at that price point!

I also bought a tallboy of Rockdale Classic.

There are differing sources online, but it seems like it’s contract brewed by the same company as the Trouble Brewing line, exclusively for Walmart.

This beer looked more like a house brand and was similar to a Coors in it’s can & taste. I had to do a double-take to make sure it wasn’t actually the banquet beer. ;-)

Both beers were better than similar beers contract brewed by Winery Exchange for Kroger, notably Caguama & Dieselpunk, but maybe that’s damning with faint praise.

Whether or not the Walmart beers were objectively good, they were both decent for what they were. The Trouble Brewing beer was actually quite pleasant and I could see buying it again if I were at Walmart.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to get it, but it might make a good beach beer or last minute decision in a crunch. Maybe if I was late to a tailgate or even if I wanted to spice things up for a price-conscious craft newbie.

Whatever the case I think this will be a hit for Walmart. The price is right, the branding is right (no sillier than actual craft brands) and the flavor is what you’d get from some craft beers of those styles.