Broadcasters beware: TV 2.0 & The BitTorrent Effect

If you work in the television industry like I do, you can sometimes find it frustrating that more people aren’t very technically savvy. For all of you in the entertainment business and all of you who use BitTorrent (or people like Bill and myself who fall into both categories), you have to read this Wired article – Thanks to Jeremy Zawodny.

Content providers may (make that will) soon be replaced by content aggregators. RSS and Podcasting are just the tip of the iceberg. Take the power of, Yahoo! or TiVo, attach a .torrent video file and you’ve got the truly “new media” experience. Tack on the inevitable “Video iPod” and Television 2.0 is a very different thing indeed.

UPDATE: The Future is now! I’ll be downloading Videora tonight to check it out. All I need now is a pvp and I’ll be all set.

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