Sin City

I’m not blogging about Vegas; at least I’m fairly certain I’m not anyhow. I just saw the trailer for the movie SinCity, based on Frank Miller‘s comic book of the same name and directed by Robert Rodriguez. Now I haven’t read the comics in an extremely long time, but this seems pretty bad-ass. Lots of people are talking about the movie and the source material and it’s got me really excited about starting up the pull list again.

And this time I mean it. Jenn gave me an unassembled comic box for Christmas as a beautiful sign that I may begin collecting comics in earnest again. My first purchases might be some back issues of Sin City, Dark Horse Presents (where the story originated) or a paperback/hardcover collection. Either way, this trailer has completely captured my imagination.

Heck, Jenn was the one that got me excited about seeing Elektra (also a Frank Miller creation). She caught a preview show on MTV yesterday that featured Jennifer Garner in all her open-car-door-eared glory, and featuring some killer clips and now she’s talking babysitter and date night.

It’s a good evening to be a comic fan in my house.

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