Yet another phone conversation yesterday with Joshua of I’ve talked to him before and each time I feel like I learn more than I impart. It’s actually pretty refreshing to speak with someone so innovative and intellectually agile and open. It makes me think I need to start dreaming better dreams and inventing better ideas.

The really useful thing to come out of our discussion was a specific url on

Basically, that link produces a list of links that people have tagged as “funny” and that contain or or directly linked to video, like .mov, .avi, .mpg & .wmv. It’s a treasure trove of funny video, freely flowing from people out there on the internet.

But wait, it gets better. You can subscribe to a feed of that information, plug it into iTunes, and the video will be downloaded for viewing at your leisure! How hot is that?!

I think I’ve just found my new homepage (or one of them, I use Firefox). I hope to find all kinds of great stuff there, and potentially see some of my work video there one day, if we can keep it funny enough.


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