Harry Potter Horcrux Redux Redoubled

For the last time (two previous posts here and here), here are the pertinent details that lead to my theory that Harry Potter is the sixth and final Horcrux created by Lord Voldemort to shield his soul from death:


1) Lord Voldemort knows the first half of the prophecy foretold by Sybil Treelawney to Dumbledore (through Peter Pettigrew [Wormtail] and Severus Snape) that Harry Potter will be a wizard of power equalling his own.

2) Lord Voldemort kills James and Lilly Potter and performs some kind of spell upon Harry, leaving him permanently scarred.


1) Creating a Horcrux from a living creature has unintended consequences, such as the loss of one’s original corporeal form.

2) Alternatively, creating six Horcruxes (splitting your soul into the magically-significant 7 pieces) has unintended consequences, such as the loss of one’s original corporeal form.


1) If Lord Voldemort only know the first half of the prophecy, it would make sense that he would try to place a part of his sole in the body of his main, upcoming rival. Then, even if that rival were to kill him, his soul would live on. It’s a sinister, evil and very effective plot.


Given the above Facts, Assumptions and Theory, Harry Potter must be the sixth and final Horcrux. Harry is the unwitting host of the soul (part of it, at least) of the most terrible wizard ever and Lord Voldemort is reduced to some sort of ineffectual wraith, searching for a body.

I, for one, look forward to reading how JK Rowling works her way out of this situation. Book 7 should be fun.

5 thoughts on “Harry Potter Horcrux Redux Redoubled

  1. Sean says:

    I was thinking this myself. And I definately believe it to be true. It makes sense, the only thing is… who is RAB? could it be regulus black?

  2. dmh says:

    Harry could be a horcrux but I also think Snape made and unbreakable vow with Harry. He hates him but always protects him. And, why else would Dumbledore trust him so much?

  3. phlem says:

    lily was good at charms she did something to stop
    lv, she knew slughorn and she was popular so probably knew LV from the parties and probably knew about horcruxes too
    being good at charms she figured out a backfire method that saved harry – maybe by making harry her(lily) horcrux
    wait i know a horcrux needs a murder – remember what LV says to lily you need not die
    but lily murders herself and makes harry her horcrux
    everyone says harry looks like his dad BUT has his mothers eyes, the eyes are the windows to the soul
    harry is very affected by dementors cause hes got 2 souls his and lilys
    but LV has no eyes just red slits cause he lost his soul

    DD is probably an animagus – pheonix which is reborn in fire remember that harry saw a pheonix fly joyfully away before disappearing
    remember in book 1 at the mirror DD says he has other ways of being invisible he doesnt need a cloak pheonixes can dissappear – there was a green reflection an the tower from the death head and that snape can invent and do nonverbal spells- so snape says AK but thinks something that flips DD up and over as opposed to regular AK causes the victim to fall

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