Everybody Hates Chris

I didn’t catch the premiere of Everybody Hates Chris on UPN last week, but luckily for me I can watch the show online.The series premiere of Everybody Hates Chris gets a second showing via Google Video.

My very brief review: A great format with tons of voice over from Chris Rock himself. It’s like an urban 80’s version of The Wonder Years. A little more crass and only a half hour, the tone and style are very similar. A tweenage boy becoming a man. Funny stuff.

Watch it now

Official Site

Details of the video deal at Search Engine Watch.

UPDATE: I realized too late that I didn’t give this a resounding two thumbs up. More TV shows should (and will) put premiere episodes online to hook new viewers. Especially new shows, particularly in the Fall.

Having said that, I don’t know if Google was the best bet. AOL, Yahoo! and MSN are all portals for online content. I wonder how many people equate Google with video?

Having said that, I think the first network/producer to release video (and not just leak it) over BitTorrent or for one of the vlogging (vlogcasting?) clients, wins.

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