Kermit the Frog drives a Ford Escape Hybrid

Kermit the Frog – celebrated actor, author, singer and journalist – is going to be in a car ad, Ford’s Superbowl ad for their Escape Hybrid, to be precise.

The inevitable tagline (from me) – “It’s easy being green.”

It’s got it all: the cute, memorable catchphrase, the double entendre of Kermit’s signature song, the environmental angle for folks in the market for a hybrid car.

Perfect. Cheesy, but perfect.

Print ad:
Kermit Print Ad

Behind the scenes of the commercial shoot:
Kermit behind the scenes

I think it should be a fun ad. Combined with the new Muppets/Pizza Hut ad that will also debut on Super Sunday, we’re in for a double dose of Muppets soon.

[Via The Muppet Newsflash]

UPDATE: Watch the Superbowl ad!

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