Stormhoek wine in Atlanta

So I haven’t gotten a confirmation email, but some Stormhoek wine may be making it’s way to Atlanta in the future. For all of you fellow APWBWGTTD members, I might have wine at an upcoming get together – for FREE, no less.

Stormhoek wine blog posting and wiki for Stormhoek’s 100 Geek Dinners in 100 Days (I actually just added a stub entry putting us on the list).

Background of the blogger/geek dinner wine movement.

And here’s my email exchange with Hugh Macleod of “Hughtrain” and Gaping Void fame:



I’m very interested in hosting a Geek Dinner in Atlanta to try out the
wine. There already exists a group (Atlanta People With Blogs Who Get
Together To Drink – and we meet monthly, so
the wine angle would be perfect.

What do you think?



groovy. cc’ing this to Jason @ stormhoek



Fingers crossed that we get selected. I want some free “blogger” wine.

So, if any APWBWGTTD blogger wants to pick a date for our wine get together, we can fold it into our regularly-scheduled drunk-fest. Note: it must take place between May 1st and August 9th of this year.

To your health!

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