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Just as I finish up a stint on the Lemmy Kilmister look-alike tour and I shave my Ron Jeremy/Kraven the Hunter facial hair, beards are back in style.

Some guy wanted to record his beard-growing and place it on the internets for all to see:

Now Start A Beard

The project began on January 2, 2006 (after forgetting to take a picture on January 1) with the original intent of growing a beard from New Year’s Day to St. Patrick’s Day, not unlike the residents of Shamrock, Texas. During the process, I found watching the bread grow (scraggly and unimpressive as it was) mesmerizing, so I expanded the project to a whole year.

The video:

The warming weather and my wife’s wishes be damned!

I’m getting the band back together! I’m growing the beard again!

[Via Attu]

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