Beer tasting at Muss & Turner’s

How I spent my Wednesday evening:

$10 Beer Tasting
Wed. 08/09/06: NW v NE Microbrews
Help decalre the winner. (similar format as wine tasting.)

That’s what I knew going into last night’s blind beer tasting at Muss & Turner’s.

Actually, per Tony, I knew this much:



Atlantic Brewing

I had a scoresheet and some guesses, but since I could only partially hear (I was standing next to the oscillating fan) and I have cardinal direction dyslexia (I labelled all my Easts as Wests and vice versa) the actual names and descriptions of the beers we drank is beyond my grasp.

Still, for $10 I got to sample some fine beers and I got to hang out with Tony and his lovely wife Gia.

I also found a potential date night spot in Muss & Turner’s.

All in all, a successful evening of beer consumption.

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