Birthday Bash?

Several months ago while dreamily avoiding work and thinking about my 30th birthday (October 15 – a little less than a month away), I thought reliving one of my Freshman-year-in-college haunts, Q-Zar, would be fun.

Now I think it’s lame.

30-year-old dude trying to reclaim lost youth in a dark, smoke-filled lazer tag arena? Yeah, it blows.

So I’m throwing out some alternate plans to see what sticks.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen – all are welcome to share an opinion and get and (maybe) get an invitation:

The Short List:

  • Q-Zar – if it’s deemed economically feasible and not too blatantly desperate
  • Brewing Beer – we did this for my Dad’s last birthday and I think it’d be fun again
  • Guitar Hero – Too early for II, but never to late to rawk!
  • Bowling – Suds and rented shoes says “moving into an older demographic” to me
  • Improv – Since I took the class I thought it might be fun for a group to see a show

What obvious choice am I missing?

What did you do for your 30th?

Why should any of this matter? It’s just another year, right?

UPDATE: At the very least I should have a cool, retro Super Mario cake.

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