A timeline of insomnia

Last night, painful as it was.

Note: all times are rough estimates and open to interpretation, since my addled brain was deprived the sweet release of dreamless sleep.

  1. 9:53 PM – Raelyn goes to bed late, mostly due to a late dinner and an earlier tantrum
  2. 10: 28 PM – Jenn and I find Raelyn in her bathroom trying to put on her stuffed frog’s t-shirt (which wouldn’t fit a newborn). We should’ve gotten a camera.
  3. 11:37 PM – Halfway through Lost (timeshifted) we agree to let Raelyn into the bed. Mistake.
  4. 12:19 AM – I finish blogging about Lost and give a now sleeping Raelyn some cough medicine to counteract her near-constant hacking. She nearly slumps over in slumber halfway through her dosage.
  5. 2:34 AM – Jenn gets up to yell at the dog, who is cowering in embarrassing shame from the thunder.
  6. 3:21 AM – I get up to yell at the dog, who is cowering in embarrassing shame from the thunder.
  7. 5:00 AM – The dog gets in the bed with us as well.
  8. 6:11 AM – Everyone (save the dog) gets up to use the restroom.
  9. 8:04 AM – Jenn goes into the shower
  10. 8:37 AM – I go into the shower and Raelyn sleepily remarks that she is very tired and wants to say in bed. Us too, little girl.

There you have. How to deprive yourself rest in 10 hellish steps.


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