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With last week’s release of Eyezmaze’s new game, Grow Island, I’ve been getting a ton of traffic form my previous walkthroughs:

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Grow ver .1 Walkthrough

Since I hadn’t played yet, I dipped my toes in and quickly solved half the puzzle on the first try (it’s actually rather logical this time around).

I didn’t know going into the gameplay that there were multiple solutions, but it’s been done before. So, here are screenshots of the congratulatory end screens as well as both solutions, though I’m sure you’ll have fun tweaking the order yourselves to see what happens.



  1. Mechanical Engineering (Bolt)
  2. Civil Engineering (Pickaxe)
  3. Architecture (Logs)
  4. Aeronautics, marine, automotive engineering (Steering Wheel)
  5. Environmental (Smokestack)
  6. Electrical Engineering (Battery)
  7. Computer Science (Chip)
  8. Applied Chemistry (Beaker)



  1. Aeronautics, marine, automotive engineering (Steering Wheel)
  2. Civil Engineering (Pickaxe)
  3. Architecture (Logs)
  4. Computer Science (Chip)
  5. Electrical Engineering (Battery)
  6. Mechanical Engineering (Bolt)
  7. Applied Chemistry (Beaker)
  8. Environmental Engineering (Smokestack)

Happy Wednesday!

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18 thoughts on “Grow Island Walkthrough

  1. andrea says:

    ,haha!!that was so hard that i almost got crazy you know.i have so much mistakes and resets you’s very funny when i tried the congratu-alien-s!!hahahah!!nosebleed!!!!>>heheheheheheheheheheheheh!!!

  2. Phil McCrouch says:

    wow dude that was like so hard dude im mean really dude. wanted to cry after aliens dude. I was like come on dude its so hard just Phil McCrouch already
    Crouch OUT

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