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Nope, not a reference to last week, a potty pun. Don’t smile, it only encourages me.

I’ve started eating Oatmeal again.
Usually at either breakfast or lunch.
Always the good stuff, (Old Fashioned NOT Quick/Instant) Quacker Oats.

Now you get the “joke”. Again, no laughing, I need help.

So while I’m eating my afternoon repast I get a spam email that makes me laugh: “Drop 20 Pounds in a Day” as sent to me by “Colon Cleanse”.

Naturally I thought of the dearly departed Phil Hartman and his “Colon Blow” commercial on SNL:


Colon Blow

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Well it turns out there’s a “real” Colon Blow! It’s like the powdered version of the Steve Martin/L.A. Story Colonic.

Me, I’m sticking to my Oatmeal and not-so-witty toilet humor.

Happy Monday!

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