Separated At Birth: Sasha Alexander & Jessica Capshaw

I’ll cop to being a co-viewer of Grey’s Anatomy (mostly at the behest of my wife, Jenn) but it is an entertaining show.

While the music used to be a lot better, and there have certainly been more cringe-inducing, shark-jumping moments as the melodrama has wound its way through 6 seasons (and a spin-off), I do enjoy seeing a new cast of characters joining the ensemble every season.

Jenn & I were also fairly devout viewers (fans is too strong a term) of Dawson’s Creek. Early WB shows were like Crack and Dawson & Company were the biggest pushers. This explains my still-lingering attraction to Joey Potter (aka Mrs. Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes).

One of the better characters in that series was Gretchen Witter played by Sasha Alexander. She was a good older sister counterpoint to the delinquent Pacey and was a nice non-Joey love interest for Dawson.

Ok. I’m far to familiar and invested in the fictional lives of the people in the Dawson-verse. Backing away from the keyboard now.

Anyhow, I just figured that Grey’s Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and Dawson’s Gretchen (Sasha Alexander) looked (and sounded) very similar.

Hence the post.


Details below.

  Sasha Alexander Jessica Capshaw
Sasha Alexander

Sasha Alexander

Jessica Capshaw

Jessica Capshaw

Sasha Alexander smirking

Sasha Alexander

Jessica Capshaw smirking

Jessica Capshaw

Date of Birth May 17, 1973 August 9, 1976
Hair Wavy Curly
Height 5′ 7″ 5′ 5″
Television Drama Dawson’s Creek, where her character slept with Dawson (even though she played his best friend’s older sister). Grey’s Anatomy, where she plays the lesbian lover of Callie Torres

Happy Monday!

Full Disclosure: Sasha Alexander stars in the new TNT Series Rizzoli & Isles (premiering July 12th). Since I work for TNT I figured I’d share.

2 thoughts on “Separated At Birth: Sasha Alexander & Jessica Capshaw

  1. agatha says:

    really?!! ain’t that a coinkydink?!! same goed for holly robinson and terry ellis though…
    when i first saw rizzoli and isles i was: geez.. who does she remind me of. and then arizona came back from africa and i googled them both to see if maybe they are sister’s or something. same smile, dimples, face shape. doppelgangers!!!

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