Six Little Birds

On April 9th the first egg appeared in a nest hidden inside a hanging plant on our porch. On May 12th the last baby bird flew the nest. In between we learned they were House Finches and that the 6 eggs would be laid roughly one day apart, hatch in around 2 weeks, and be fully grown in 2 weeks.

Our bird tenants (and their parents) stuck to the script beautifully. When I could, I snapped some shots. Please enjoy as the whole process was joyous to share with our kids, friends & family who stopped by.

One Little Egg

First day, first egg

Two Little Eggs

Second day, now two eggs

Three little eggs

Third day, three eggs

Six little eggs

Sixth day, six eggs

Six little birds


Six little birds

All in a row

Can’t believe they snuggled down like this. Getting too big for the nest.

Last to leave the nest

His parents called & called until eventually he too flew the nest.

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