Separated at Birth: Jürgen Klinsmann and Richard Roxburgh

Another in my continuing series.

Seperated at Birth: Jürgen Klinsmann and Richard Roxburgh

I caught a bit of Mission: Impossible 2 on cable the other night – during another USMNT loss – and the resemblance was both uncanny & apropos. You see, Roxburgh is the villain’s henchman in M:I2 and Klinsmann is the villain of U.S. soccer. ;-p

See the tale of the tape below and feel free to add your comments or point me to better instances.

  Jürgen Klinsmann Richard Roxburgh
Jürgen Klinsmann
Jürgen Klinsmann
Richard Roxburgh
Richard Roxburgh
DOB 30 July, 1964 23 January, 1962
Height 5′ 11 ½” 5′ 10″
Hair Accidentally Tussled Blonde Purposefully Ruffled Blonde
Eyes Blue Blue
Handsomeness “Sportingly” “Rakishly”

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