There Goes My Hero

My Father-in-Law got a GoPro Hero3+ Silver (I’m fairly certain on the Silver, definitely a Hero3) for Christmas and was kind enough to let me wear it during my New Year’s Day run.

He put it in Timelapse mode to take a photo every 2 seconds and off I went. 35 minutes and 7k later, I was done.

Using the included GoPro Studio software, I was able to import the over 1,000 photos and create the video below. Because HD video (and a good number of video formats) are 24 frames-per-second, I actually had to import the photos as 12fps first and then render the .m4v regularly otherwise it would be a 40-second, 300+ mph rocket launch.

As it is you can see me run 4.4 miles in around 1:30, or roughly a 180 mph sprint. Next time I’ll record at 1 or even .5 seconds for a smoother, slower video.

Enjoy (and try not to get motion sick)!

Bonus running-related news-of-the-day: DailyMile now has an official iPhone app!

Funny Phrases

Since the age of two-and-a-half our 3rd child, Evie (currently age 4), has made the same request for cereal every weekday:

“Oatmeal Squares with milk and a spoon.”

She says this as though any self-respecting parent could forget the primary constituents of a bowl of cereal, but she says them every day, without fail.

On the few days in which I ask her what kind of cereal she would like she slumps her shoulders, rolls her eyes, dramatically sighs and repeats her morning mantra:

“Oatmeal Squares with milk and a spoon.”

But recently she has taken to upping the ante.
Being even more precise.
Subjecting us to specificity above and beyond.

Her newest request:

“Oatmeal Squares with milk and a spoon in a bowl.”

As an adult of reasonable intelligence, I struggle to imagine the kind of caregiver who would forget to provide a child with a bowl as the primary conveyance of cereal & milk when a spoon is already involved (as requested), but I digress.

What’s even more amazing (or appropriate, depending on your perspective) is how her younger sister, currently two-and-a-half herself, has co-opted this funny phrase.

And while the choice of cereal may be different – Imogen prefers Life to Evie’s Oatmeal Squares – the phrase is no less funny coming from her mouth. In fact it might even be funnier considering her diminutive stature and wispy voice.

I can make all the jokes I want, and it does make me laugh (most times to their dismay), but I’m going to miss this request once it’s gone. It’s a near-constant reminder that neither of them will be little forever.

I want to bottle up those words and save them with me.
I need very badly to record them saying it so I don’t forget it (or them) exactly as they are right now.
I’m writing it down here as a means of preserving the impermanent.

I think the best part about this little ritual is that now I hear the big kids playfully asking for their own cereal this way. I’ve even found myself saying it to Jenn and likewise her to me.

“Oatmeal squares with milk and a spoon in a bowl.”

It’s funny how that little, funny phrase has so much power.



Skip Hursh’s animated GIF that I refer to as ‘Muppetmation’

Regardless of whether you pronounce GIF with a hard or a soft “G”, you can’t deny that the simple animations have been raised to something of an art form recently.

The animation above was made by the talented Skip Hursh (Skip also has a Tumblr that’s pretty awesome.) & was pointed out to me by Beau Teague.

There’s something almost steam-powered or Rube Goldberg-esque about the GIFs he makes. They’re mesmerizing in their perpetual, looping motions and their bright colors.

There are plenty of other examples of GIFs for the masses (and for the detractors), but I think Skip’s work should really be seen by a wider audience, even if it isn’t a meme or a screencap or a reaction gif.

Happy Thursday!


I’m tempted to say that I’ve got what plants crave, but that’s Brawndo and not Brawny. Entirely different cosplay.

As it stands we’re two days away from Halloween and I’ve dressed up as a more hirsute version of the Brawny Paper Towel Guy.

Old guy had a 70’s pornstache, new guy is clean shaven and me, I’ve got a full beard & glasses.


Old & Brawny



New Brawny Guy

Clean-shaven & Brawny


Am I Brawny?

The glasses are working against me.

Maybe it’s better if I buy that Brawndo t-shirt for next year and purchase the paper towels for Thursday night. What do you think?

Not sure I can outdo Don Draper or The Dude or Magnum P.I. this year, but what I lack in creativity I’ll make up for in facial hair, plaid & laziness.

Happy Halloween!

I’m 37; I’m not old

There’s something different about this birthday. Something altogether Pythonian.

I’m 37; I’m not old.

I’m also a prime number for the first time since 31 and the last time until 41. Good times.

Here’s some more mathematical information on prime numbers and, pertinently, the number 37.

Speaking of numbers I’m now less than two weeks away from running my first full marathon, the Atlanta Marathon on Sunday, October 27, 2013.

26.22 miles
42.195 kilometers
A long way from home

I had made a promise to myself that I’d run a marathon before I turned 40 so I’m making good on my promise.

Remember: I’m 37; I’m not old.

I guess what I’m admitting is that I’m having a difficult time turning 37. I realize (or rather I’m fighting against) that 37 isn’t “old” but there’s no denying that I’m getting older. Happens every now – enough times that I can see the pattern.

The running will help me, I think, in the long term but it’s going to suck in the near term.

In the meantime I keep on keeping on.

Quoting Monty Python.
Looking up prime numbers on the internet.

What I really need is a Feltron-style annual report on my life that will make me feel better through the magic of data visualization and USA Today-style color palettes. Barring that, here’s a neat recap of the results of a recent running survey from Brooks.

Until next time.

Happy Birthday to me!