Funny Phrases

Since the age of two-and-a-half our 3rd child, Evie (currently age 4), has made the same request for cereal every weekday: “Oatmeal Squares with milk and a spoon.” She says this as though any self-respecting parent could forget the primary constituents of a bowl of cereal, but she says them every day, without fail. On […]


Regardless of whether you pronounce GIF with a hard or a soft “G”, you can’t deny that the simple animations have been raised to something of an art form recently. The animation above was made by the talented Skip Hursh (Skip also has a Tumblr that’s pretty awesome.) & was pointed out to me by […]


I’m tempted to say that I’ve got what plants crave, but that’s Brawndo and not Brawny. Entirely different cosplay. As it stands we’re two days away from Halloween and I’ve dressed up as a more hirsute version of the Brawny Paper Towel Guy. Old guy had a 70’s pornstache, new guy is clean shaven and […]

I’m 37; I’m not old

There’s something different about this birthday. Something altogether Pythonian. I’m 37; I’m not old. I’m also a prime number for the first time since 31 and the last time until 41. Good times. Here’s some more mathematical information on prime numbers and, pertinently, the number 37. Speaking of numbers I’m now less than two weeks […]

Cell phones I have owned

Now that Microsoft has purchased Nokia’s devices & services business, it’s got me thinking about the cellphones I’ve owned over years. Nokia 3360 I’d have to dig through a stack of papers or a dusty drawer in our filing cabinet to see just when I got this phone from BellSouth Wireless (pre-Cingular; way pre-AT&T) but […]