The Muppets & Rule 63

I realize that Rule 63 doesn’t have anything to do with musical theatre, but it’s the closest thing to explaining the next two links: Muppet Christ Superstar Rocky Horror Muppet Show The first is a faithful (ha!) rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar as sung in the style (and voices) of The Muppets while the second […]

Sometimes I’m an asshole

Earlier today the following exchange happened on Twitter: @davewiner implicit in Rummy's letter is a portrayal of himself as helpless. Didn't he work in govt? Couldn't he have done more? Mind: open — Seth Miller (@mostlymuppet) April 16, 2014 @davewiner it's victimhood then. An old man raging against the dying of the light, realizing he […]

Funny Phrases

Since the age of two-and-a-half our 3rd child, Evie (currently age 4), has made the same request for cereal every weekday: “Oatmeal Squares with milk and a spoon.” She says this as though any self-respecting parent could forget the primary constituents of a bowl of cereal, but she says them every day, without fail. On […]

Where I Run

I’m adapting more than the title of my post from the excellent Flowing Data blog, I’m also using some of their code. I was inspired by this beautiful visualization of running in Atlanta in small part because I’d like to imagine that some of my Pi Mile runs contributed to the data set. Thanks to […]

The Big Lipinski

Mid-week video math, courtesy of Jimmy Fallon: Audience suggestion = Tara Lipinski + The Big Lebowski This is relevant to my interests (and hopefully yours). It only could’ve been better if she’d been dressed as Maude Lebowski and/or had a bowling ball too. Via Extra Mustard