In Bloom

Really interesting cover of Nirvana’s “In Bloom” by Sturgill Simpson.

I’m not a fan of country music – at least not what Nashville churns out right now – but Sturgill’s combination of Randy Travis baritone (to my ear) and some Chris Isaak arrangement on this song are really something.

The song appears on his current album, A Sailor’s Guide to Earth, which is his major label debut.

I especially like how he changes the last line of each verse to “He don’t know what it means to love someone”.

It’s not often that an artist can transform a song by covering it and make it truly sound like there own. Sturgill Simpson’s cover of In Bloom does that and more.

Fantastic reinvention of an iconic track.

Happy Friday!

High Anxiety

Because the first rule of blogging in 2016 is referencing the fact that you should blog more, I’ll admit that this post moved me to action.

Consider this sentence my mea culpa.

The first link I’d like to blog about is the wonderful essay entitled “Enjoli” on Medium. I’m not sure that I can speak in the voice of nor in support of the issues raised or the solutions presented, but it made me think of what it must be like to live that life. It also made me think of the demands put on my wife and how I could/should be working harder. I’m trying.

The second link I want to mention is “Putting Away Childish Things” on INC. It’s a whale of a post about “adulting” and the fierce urgency of now (and not just a trite tweet about “now” instead).

I’m not sure I’m brave enough to tackle what the author suggests, but I do know my safe place is snark, so getting serious starts at home.

All of which is to say that I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Some of it good, some of it bad, but I’ve been thinking.

I think that maybe all this thinking is the root of some of my nameless, faceless anxiety and I should act instead of think more often. It usually makes me feel better.

As a bonus my running this week has made a huge difference. The doldrums of July and early August might be pointing the way towards a fruitful Fall.

Until next time.

Fixed It

The other day while walking the dog, the part-time nanny of a neighbor stopped me to pet Maggie our Goldendoodle.

Maggie’s left front leg is shaved because we recently had her spayed and I was asked about it.

Her: What happened to Maggie?
Me: We got her fixed.
Her: Oh! What was broken?

Now maybe I’m being cruel or maybe I’m using some regional colloquialism, but I don’t think either of those explain what’s happening. I think “fix” has enough other meanings besides spay/neuter that the context was completely lost.

In the spirit of graciousness, here are some other ways she could have interpreted “fix” other than how I meant it as “Getting Fixed”:

“The Fix Is In” – A rigged system. A kangaroo court. A farce.
“Fix Me” – A drug reference. The reason the band The Fix became The Fixx.
“Fixin’ to do something” – A Southernism if I ever there was one. Getting ready or prepared to do something.
“Fix” – to attach (something) in such a way that it will not move : to connect or join (things) physically. That’s from Merriam-Webster and is related but not identical to the “fix” that means to mend something broken.

Whatever the way she took it (likely that the dog had something broken requiring surgery, which is half-right) and not the way I meant it (spaying), in the moment I had absolutely no idea how to respond that wasn’t laughter, so I just smiled and walked away.

If I offended her or left her confused, I really wonder what I could do to fix the situation.

I think you know what I mean.