Brewer’s Advent Calendar 2017: Day Twenty Three

Today’s beer: Kress Bayrisch Zwickel

This is my first Kellerbier/Zwickel and I think I’m in love!

Something about the yeasty cloudiness, the malt sweetness, and an overall tartness remind me of a mix between a dark wheat beer a Märzen.

For the style I think the color is a little dark but it’s a beaut.

Cloudy and amber. Just perfect.

Kellerbier literally means cellar beer and this is and old style that predates pasteurization and refrigeration by wide margins.

It reminds me of a tankard of beer a character from Middle Earth might quaff.

This was a great addition to the calendar and quite possibly a style I’ll seek out in the future.


Brewer’s Advent Calendar 2017: Day Twenty One

Today’s beer: Eaglebräu Weizenbier Dunkel

What’s not to love about this beer? Nothing!

I’ve always enjoyed wheat beers and darker versions even more so. This is no exception.

I think this might be the best beer I’ve had in the calendar.

Some combination of a style I dig, the right beer for the weather (my biggest gripe about the calendar, that it isn’t appropriately wintry enough), and a very good beer.

Happy Thursday!