Making Athens, Georgia Proud

I’m only recently aware of Allison Weiss and her music, but I’m wowed by her sound, her aesthetic and her approach to making music and connecting with her fans. I’d actually heard of her before – on Twitter – through a semi-acquaintance brokered by an ex-professor. Quite random, I know. Her main appeal at the […]

Lost: Namaste

Tonight’s episode of Lost seemed tailor-made for my specific areas of expertise. I’ll go into that … now. Hurley the Bulldog I guess it’s actually more like a shout-out to Josh Holloway (Sawyer) who grew up in Georgia and attended UGA for a while, but it’s cool for this UGA grad to see Hurley in […]

No Joy in Mudville

… Mighty Georgia has struck out. Sure, Fresno State was the Bulldog team that everyone pegged as Cinderella, but they started the season in the Top 25. UGA had an abysmal 2007 and pre-season opinions/prospects were mixed. Still, props to those other red-wearing Dogs for hammering home the victory tonight. You earned it. Here’s Ernest […]