Tuesday Night Hot Sauce Club

Welcome to yet another installment of my sporadic and food-centric series on me eating hot sauces I get from Firehouse Subs. (I know, right? This is like a highlight reel of all Blogging ’12, but stick with, it gets better). Tonight’s entrants both rated 8s on the Firehouse Subs severity index [actual name: unknown] and […]

Leftovers & Hot Sauce

I was a bit too late to participate in National Peanut Butter Day1 2 because I brought some awesome, homemade chili as a leftovers lunch. It’s almost better a few days later, don’t you think? I didn’t have the chance to spice up the chili this morning before I left for work, so I was […]

Still Sauced

The only real drawback to writing regular hot sauce posts is that it reveals just how much hot sauce – and by extension Firehouse Subs – I’m eating this month. For the second installment, I have to give a shout-out to my awesome wife who indulged me (and allowed me to indulge) by getting this […]

The Hot Sauce Chronicles

I love Firehouse Subs. Toastier than Quiznos. Not as skimpy as Blimpies. Fresher than Subway. I even (almost) got into an altercation with the Labor & Delivery nurse during Imogen’s birth over the quality of sub chains in Atlanta. (She was a devotee of Jimmy ohn’s, which I found disgusting and personally insulting. More importantly, […]