Regardless of whether you pronounce GIF with a hard or a soft “G”, you can’t deny that the simple animations have been raised to something of an art form recently. The animation above was made by the talented Skip Hursh (Skip also has a Tumblr that’s pretty awesome.) & was pointed out to me by […]

Muppets, Found on FFFFOUND!

Sometimes surviving Hump Day means you have to post a bunch of Muppet comics images. It’s clear there are two artists here, but I don’t know either one and I’m not up on the Muppets comic books at all. I honestly just liked both interpretations of Animal, though Fozzy sitting down with Marc Maron is […]

Gonzo The Great Responds

The following open letter is a response by Gonzo to the allegations of one M.B. Cluckerton as recently published by The Awl. First, let me state that I am grateful for the fine folks here at Mostly Muppet Dot Com for the opportunity to rebut the claims of one M.B. Cluckerton – if indeed that […]

A Very Muppet Oscars

It’s always amazing to see first-hand just how fast the internet moves. What started yesterday with Brett Ratner out as Oscars producer and continued this morning with Eddie Murphy out as Oscars host has culminated in the rapid ascension of a pop culture idea like no other: a campaign to have The Muppets host the […]

Muppet Star Wars figures

I might have to wait until the Fall to purchase the upcoming Muppet Star Wars figures, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pine for them now. After posting a link to the figures on Facebook last week my old friends Erik & Kelly Hess sent me a text of the figures on display at the […]