You Look Nice Today

My first – and until yesterday only – interaction or knowledge of the phrase “You Look Nice Today” comes from a podcast of that name. Since I don’t live or work in the East Atlanta Village I’m unfamiliar with the sign that is now at the center of a controversy. Then Dave Coustan posted something […]


I’m going to indulge in my man-crush/obsession with Merlin Mann a little bit by linking to two of his related, prescient bits regarding community and the internet: via Twitter and one of his podcasts, Quotidian Public Radio. Here’s a shot of Merlin’s wit, for those too lazy to click: For whatever reason’s Merlin’s rapier wit […]

99 Problems

After reading this horrific story of parental abuse, neglect and inhumanity, I felt a horrible chill go through my spine. How could a human being, especially a parent, do this to another human being, specifically their own child. Please read the story – The girl in the window – and try to keep your stomach […]