On workplace culture

I really, really love my job. I love it enough to poke a little goodnatured fun at both my TCM and TNT colleagues. So here’s a little additive decoration I graced upon the new coffee station in on our break room. I was inspired by Alec Baldwin’s iconic performance in Glengarry Glen Ross: I’ve been […]

Muppet Video Week

If you’ve been forwarded a strange trailer for the fictional film “Green With Envy” this week, don’t worry; it’s just a teaser trailer for the upcoming movie, The Muppets. Jason Segel is behind the script and stars in the movie alongside Amy Adams. Noticeably absent from the trailer?: Statler & Waldorf providing a final, biting […]

Telling Stories

In which I show you some videos As someone with the twin loves of This American Life and trying to become a better writer, I love the fact that I just rediscovered Ira Glass’ Storytelling video(s) today. Here there are if you haven’t seen them before: Part 1: On the basics … Part 2: On […]

Cee Lo, Muppets & Gwyneth at the Grammys

Either the Grammy folks have seen fit to keep the full performances off of YouTube or I’m just that bad at searching/finding them. In any case, here’s an excerpt of Cee Lo Green performing “Forget You” along with Muppets and Gwyneth Paltrow. At the time of our time-shifted viewing it was agreed that Gwyneth’s shoes […]