Hump Day Goings On

Jenn spent a good chunk of last night putting together web albums in the multimedia section (password protected). I’ll put a permanent link to the multimedia section, along with the old poitree stuff, up sometime soon.

I just re-read some lyrics/poitree that I wrote at work and it gives me hope. I keep dreaming that the only thing standing between me and success is talent (just kidding). My real need is for a useful tablet PC. Laptops are hot and I don’t care for typing my work; I like handwriting things better. Call me old-fashioned, but it’s much more enjoyable and satisfying – it feels more like actual writing to me.

Other than that, Jenn discovered that the “bouncy seat” puts Rae to sleep easier and soothes crying. Praise the Lord! This first week of separated parenthood – me at work and Jenn at home – might just be getting easier.

Now, if you’re one of the chosen, check out the pics. Everybody else, keep hounding me to be more productive and get more content here.

3 thoughts on “Hump Day Goings On

  1. How is it you haven’t literally burst with pride yet? Raelyn is such a beautiful little thing…

    That video clip is too damned cute.

    I can understand you not wanting to leave the house.

  2. Jenn says:

    Wow! Thanks Dan! I know you were probably writing to Seth, but I just had to say thank you. We certainly are happy. And it’s fun to see how she’s already changing and starting to look more cute and more like a little kid instead of an alien (like most newborns look). 🙂

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