One thought on “Whoring for fun & profit

  1. You Turner whore.

    Ok, I’ll play. Yippee!

    Seinfield Quiz: Somehow I came out as Mother Teresa. How did that happen?

    Your personality type is: Pureheart

    How much? BARELY

    How satisfying it must be to be morally upright. You have managed to defy temptation and stick to the straight and narrow, and you have led a chaste and pure life. Of course, you make everyone around you sick. And your friends live for the day when you fall off of your high horse. But what do you care? Keep fighting the good fight…idiot.

    AND..the Friends Quiz:
    At least it’s right about the big dreams, low ambition part. 🙂

    You are most like: Joey

    How much? BARELY

    Like Joey, you sometimes have trouble grasping simple concepts. But that’s okay–you make up for your mental lapses by overachieving in other areas. You are the Casanova of your social set. And, no, we’re not comparing you to a car made by Chevy in the seventies. You have big dreams, but low ambition, content to bide your time until your next gig comes along. And it always does.

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