“Subverting Teh Inter-Web”

So yesterday I was doing a little advance scouting for my employer. We’re trying to brainstorm ideas about how to virally market a big project in 2004. We’ve done the message board thing already, so we need a new angle.

I remembered a discussion Jen had started over at Blue Sky Day, so I decided to try out Friendster and Tribe.net. I have to admit that at first I was very suspicious, but both systems are quick, easy-to-use and respectful of my marriage. All good things.

Now that I’ve made the leap, my little brain is scheming up ways I can bend and twist these systems to my evil will. I realize this may seem creepy or even illegal, but the internet is a scary place – I just work here.

In all seriousness, part of me just sees these kinds of services as an amazing experiment in sociology and human behavior. Plus, not 10 minutes after I’d been on Friendster I found a buddy of mine from my days in Michigan. I hadn’t seen or talked to him since 1986!

So, yeah, I may or may not “infect” a message amongst my friends on behalf of my job, but I gotta feed the family somehow. And it will be kind of thrill. Part of me just wants to see how people will react.

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