Busy weekend

We’ve got a full slate this weekend. We’re under 2 weeks until Christmas and still chugging along.

Tonight Jenn, Rae & I travel to Tybee Island. My younger brother, Graham, is graduating from Georgia Southern on Saturday and my folks have rented a house. The entire family will be there to celebrate his accomplishment, drink beer, chat and probably play Yahtzee! It sucks that we have to drive so far there and back, but hopefully Raelyn will do fine.

Starting tonight at 8:55 PM viewers of the reality show House Rules that airs on TBS Superstation can vote for the couple that wins the house. Normally I’d be right in the thick of things making sure voting goes smoothly and that the site is kosher, but since we’ll be travelling, my co-workers will pick up the slack. Thanks, guys.

I don’t think there’s anything else. I figure one road trip and a large work event are enough for one weekend. Hope everyone’s holiday shopping is day. More later.

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