Praise Jeebus for Favicons

After some slight image editing, minimal ftp’ing and a good 10 tries at correct syntax, I now have a Favicon. “What’s a favicon,” you ask? It’s that tiny little icon that appears to the immediate left of the web address, or in the tab of your browser. If you’re running a modern browser (any version of IE >= 5 and most Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, yadda yadda), you’ll see Kermit the Frog in all his 16px by 16px, 256 color glory.

4 thoughts on “Praise Jeebus for Favicons

  1. I can see Kermit on Netscape 7.1, but he doesn’t seem to show up in the latest update of IE for me.

    As you know, I use a PC, if that makes any difference. 🙂

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