Tuesday Tech Update

A ton of geeky stuff going on today here at Muppet Labs. I’ve recently installed MT Blacklist to stop all the comment spamming that’s been happening since I switched hosts. The blacklist is fairly easy to install and it works beautifully.

Next, I’d like to announce that I’ve switched browsers and feed readers. I’m now using Mozilla Firefox for all my web surfing and SharpReader for all my syncication aggregation. If you want to keep up with the cool kids, and who doesn’t, click on the links or see my newly-updated “buttons” section on the navigation.

Aside from Beaker being scalded by boiling oil (all Bunsen Honeydew’s fault, BTW) that is all for this transmission from Muppet Labs.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tech Update

  1. Man, you are evolving at the speed of light, here! No way can I keep up, so I won’t even try.

    I fixed the favicon problem I was having, by the way. In IE, you have to have “empty temp folder upon exit” unchecked, or it will wash out the icons and not ask for them again. Now that I have that unchecked, I can see Kermit just fine. 🙂

  2. Following the Crowd
    Following in Seth’s footsteps I tried out Sharp Reader as a RSS Reader and I quite like it. Unfortunately, the “Sort by Name” function doesn’t work for me, or maybe I’m doing something wrong. As for Mozilla Firefox – I…

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