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Dave just reminded me about a story that’s been making the rounds : The Grey Album. You see, the cleverly-monikered DJ Danger Mouse has remixed Jay-Z’s “The Black Album” and The Beatles’ “The White Album” and called it “The Grey Album.” Rolling Stone featured a blurb about it in a recent issue and now EMI has put the kibosh on the album’s release.

For those of us who are a little more open-minded about samples and remixes (especially new forms of art being created from previous works) there is a reprieve: the internet. You can download the album in it’s entirety from Illegal Art or your favorite P2P network. I’m sure it’s making the rounds just fine considering all the hype and added publicity.

Now, here’s the real kicker: some people have gone to the trouble of organizing a coordinated act of civil disobedience. As reported on BoingBoing there will be a mass mirroring of the album (in mp3 format) this coming Tuesday, February 24, 2004. Per Grey Tuesday, participating web sites are encouraged to “Post the Grey Album on their site all day Tuesday, February 24. In addition, we are encouraging sites to make their homepage all grey for the day.”

Since I haven’t heard the album yet, or even downloaded it for that matter, I’m thinking of not participating. I would love to show my solidarity, but I don’t want to support crappy art, should I end up not liking the tunes. Plus I just got this site out of it’s “grey phase” and I’m not keen to repeat that.

Stay tuned for Tuesday, I suppose, to see if I participate or not.

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  1. Download “The Grey Album” by DJ Danger Mouse here
    Quick–go to Illegal Art and download it now while you can (update: see below to download it right here). DOWNHILL BATTLE — DJ Danger Mouse’s recent Grey Album, which remixes Jay-Z’s The Black Album and the Beatles White Album, has…

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