Now that I have a new phone, I’m very interested in starting a moblog. I wanted to stay away from a free, hosted service like Text America; instead I opted to create my own subdomain and host the entire process myself. Call me egotistical or just power-hungry, but I like the thought of tweaking my layout without having to upgrade to some form of ‘premium’ membership.

So now I’m stuck in a situation where none of my experimental solutions have equated to a working moblog. I tried mail2entry, but my host doesn’t have Python 2.2.2 installed. Next, I tried using pop2blog, but my host doesn’t run Mail::Box, so I was stymied again. Lastly, I tried using Mfop2, but I felt weird divulging the login credentials of this site to a third party. The service worked *reasonably* well once: it posted a new entry, but it didn’t upload the image correctly.

I’m not totally oppossed to continuing down the Mfop2 path, but I have registered for a Text America account. What I’m really waiting for is Movable Type 3.0 which is supposed to have greater support for moblogs and photoblogs. Either way, I think I’m giving up on the practical application of the moblog, but not the dream.

One thought on “Moblogging

  1. Mmmmm garageband….
    I’ll buy a mac just for that. I’ll have to save for like 9 months though, small price to pay. Actually, it’s quite a large price to pay. Stupid expression…..I lost my train of thought.

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