Poker? Insert joke here.

I’ve been closely following the poker misadventures of both my friend Dave and Wil Wheaton (all four installments actually) and I think I’ve got the bug.

I’ve watched the World Series of Poker on ESPN. I’ve recorded a few of those celebrity poker tourneys just to see how clueless actors really are (excluding Wil, of course). Until now, I’ve been happy to vicariously feed any gambling jones I had through card-spying technology and the suspect emcee skills of one Kevin Pollack.

Now, however, I’ve been presented with the opportunity to “buy in” (that’s poker lingo for “Enter by way of a cash fee”) to a small, friendly Texas Hold ‘Em tournament. My fingers are racing as I type this entry in nervous anticipation of the coming weekend and all the accompanying card-playing.

All that remains is to go brush up on my strategy and actually play a few hands. I’m confident that with a little polish I can successfully play my way out of any potential winnings and in so doing earn the scorn and ridicule of my peers. Wish me luck.

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