Ben, Jerry: You guys rock!

So I shouldn’t really be eating ice cream since I’m 20 pounds overweight and I’m trying to look good for the summer. But I’ve got a lovely wife who doesn’t mind that extra Seth to love and my clothes conceal what I’ve got and augment the rest.

Anywhoo, back to the ice cream. I bought two pints of Ben & Jerry’s last night in an attempt to broaden my ice cream horizons. I was not disappointed.

The first pint I bought was Brownie Batter, a delicious brownie batter ice cream with a brownie batter swirl. Sounds simple and delicious, right? Riiiiiiight! This completely fed my Brownie jones. It could only have been more perfect if I made a brownie sundae with this ice cream. Incredible.

I didn’t have the chance to sample the second pint, Primary Berry Graham – Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream with Strawberries & a Thick Graham Cracker Swirl. Not because I didn’t want to try it, mind you, but because 2 pints of ice cream in one night is against the ‘cheating on being healthy’ rules. One pint of ice cream is a reward for working out twice during the week. The second pint would have just been excessive. I’ll try it soon though and report back.

FYI, In the future I plan on bending the rules of my diet with these other fine flavors:

Chocolate Fudge Brownie
Chubby Hubby
Coffee Heath Bar Crunch

Can you tell I really love ice cream, especially Ben & Jerry’s? They even have Rock the Vote emblems on all their pints. Plus, they just came out with these cool sonic freezers to help reduce the amount of artificial refrigerants their scoop shops use. Great guys. Environmentalists, benevolent capitalists and wonderful supporters of democracy. Oh, and they make a fine ice cream or two as well.

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