So nice they named it twice

I have a ton of stories to tell about our trip to New York this past weekend. A broadway show, a seaside wedding (in Brooklyn), the subway, Times Square, delis, the works. But most important of all, I have to share with everyone a story about ground zero.

Our hotel was only 2 blocks away from the site of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. One of the first things we did before checking into the hotel was to visit the site. I was struck by how much repair work had already been done, how many lights were set up so work could be done at night, and how vibrant the rest of the financial district was with busy people everywhere.

I mentioned to Jenn that the entire site looked like an enormous scab or scar. Sure, the attacks had hurt this city badly, in a profound and changing way, yet we were still alive. The terrorists had inflicted a terrible wound, but still, all around us, the city flourished with life and energy. And the vacant lot that once held the towers was slowly healing over with a new building. You could see the Subway tracks 4 stories underground and every so often one of the trains would pass through.

I realized that we should not be afraid. The terrorists can never win. No matter what pain they inflict in the present, the indomitable spirit of the American people will always triumph.

The site of the WTC will always be a scar, reminding us of the terrible, senseless loss of life at the hands of cowards. But it will also serve as a reminder of our determination, of hope, of ressurection. We were hurt that day, but we will overcome; we are overcoming even today. It’s a fitting metaphor for this great country to see NYC rebuild and move on and I’m proud to be an American, especially having seen what we’ve done to repair our physical and emotional hurt.

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