Zach Braff

Jenn and I are big fans of NBC’s quirky comedy Scrubs, mostly because of the hilarious lead character J.D. played by Zach Braff. While watching the show the other night we caught a commercial for Zach’s new movie, Garden State, that opens this weekend and which he wrote, directed and starred in. I also just stumbled upon an official movie blog, written by Braff, where he talks all about promoting the movie. Pretty cool stuff. The movie looks great, too. I also highly reccommend Scrubs if you’re not already watching it.

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  1. 790 The Zone (AM Sports Talk) had Zach on for a phone interview while he was at CNN for something (I think promoting the movie). It was pretty good but a little short – he got cut off when CNN needed him on the set. Maybe you can find it on their web-site: they archive some of their interviews.

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