More Free Culture

These are the kind of entries my wife, Jenn, hates. So to make her a little happier, let me state that she and Raelyn are the two most important people in the universe to me. They give me love (love, love, love: crazy love), support, comfort, joy and happiness. I could not live without them.

Now, on to the geek-out.

The other day I mentioned Free Culture in passing and I also linked to a lecture Lawrence Lessig gave on the subject. Today I found out that I should have been linking to a different URL and that I should have mentioned that the book is available for free download. The concept of making the book freely available online is exactly the same as Cory Doctorow’s Eastern Standard Tribe, which I still have on hand for folks to download if they like.

The whole creative commons licensing structure got me thinking. If none of the game companies like the card game I’ve submitted to them, I may just let folks download the rules-set along with a PDF version of the cards. The idea is to get folks to enjoy the game first and foremost. Maybe if I can prove that the game has a viable fanbase, I can get someone to foot the bill for nice, shiny cards and a professional box. Who knows?

What I do know is that more people ought to be sharing their work with the world. I’m confident that Lessig, Doctorow and I will all make money off of our ideas and I’m hoping that I’ll make MORE because I’m allowing folks to see exactly what they’re getting.

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