Saturday Morning Haircut

I’m a big fan of the Saturday Morning Haircut, so I got up nice and early this morning (at least by my standards) and headed on over to the local SuperCuts. Part of this Saturday Morning Haircut ritual is that I get my hair shampooed and conditioned prior to my haircut. You can already see the appeal, right? Roll out of bed with no need to shower and have someone wash you hair with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo before getting your hair cut. Maybe I’m getting eerily close to metrosexual revealing that I know what shampoo they use, but I like being pampered and I love the Saturday Morning Haircut.

One thought on “Saturday Morning Haircut

  1. Ok I can’t believe I’m admitting this but I am familiar with that shampoo. I do not get my hair shampooed when receiving haircuts but if I did I would probably recognize it. It has a very distinct menthol type feel. I don’t buy it however, it’s more than I’m willing to spend on shampoo.

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