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I’m going to engage in a little bit of piling on, which is something I’ve been doing quite a bit of late.

You’re already using Flickr to tag photos, right?

You’re already using to tag links, right?

You’re going to start tagging your blog posts, right?

You’re on your way to getting the most out of Technorati Tags.

Sean Bonner and Jeff Jarvis are among those who suggest we all start tagging ourselves as a means of creating a one-stop-shop of all our online activities. Just by adding a unique identifier (mostlymuppet or sethdavidmiller, in my case) to all my tags, no matter where they live, I could get a personalized tag page via Technorati.


Cool, huh? Now all I need is an automatic way to do this in WordPress (as Jeff suggests). Matt? Dougal? Ryan? Alex? Can we do something about that?

Technorati tags: , ,

UPDATE: Thanks to David Sifry, I see there is already a WordPress Plugin for this very thing. Three actually: 1, 2, 3.

UPDATE II: Gudlyf’s TechnoTag seemed easiest to install and use. Whadda ya think?

mostlymuppet technorati tags

UPDATE III: I may dislike that Technorati “bubble” graphic enough to either alter Gudlfy’s code or start using Oddiophile’s bookmarklet.

Technorati Tags: , ,

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  1. i use technotag on my site. i found the bubble tolerable if i reduced its size by like 30 or 40%. by default it kinda stands out a bit too much.

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