Statler & Waldorf From The Balcony

Statler & Waldorf From The Balcony. Movie reviews from a Muppet’s perspective. Actually, just the balcony perch of two cranky codgers. Think Ebert & Roper performed by the grumpy old men, Statler & Waldorf, from the Muppet Show. Funny stuff, plus some light swearing. I give it a B on a scale of 1 to 10.

[Via The GelflingWaldo Files]

UPDATE: Thanks to Zak for pointing out that the link to is dead. A quick Google search reveals that the “send to a friend” page is still up, but no video.

UPDATE II: Having sent myself the video link via “send to a friend” it looks like the site might be undergoing some tweaks. The email I received contained the broken link as well. Hmmm.

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