Do as I DeLay, not as I do

Good enough for Tom DeLay’s dad, but not good enough for Terri Schiavo?

The LA Times uncovers one of the most egregious cases of hypocrisy and assholiness ever to disgrace public servitude. It appears that the vile Tom DeLay could make sure that “Extraordinary measures to prolong life were not initiated” in his father’s case, but Michael Schiavo can’t make the same choice for his wife? The whole mess reeks of many things, but basically just plain reeks. What an asshole.

To sum up: Ok to pull the plug if you and your kin can all agree on Daddy’s wishes (even without a living will) but a mortal sin otherwise. Did I get it right, Tommy?

[via Atrios and Kos, almost simultaneously]

One thought on “Do as I DeLay, not as I do

  1. This Post IS About Terry Schiavo

    I suppose lots of people are hypocrites on one level or another but Tom Delay really takes the cake. And DeLay is among the strongest advocates of keeping the woman, who doctors say has been in a persistent vegetative state…

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