Tuesday Night Strolling Club

After the Digital Marketing Expo “mixer” disbanded, I hoofed it south to my hotel, the Washington Square Hotel in the West Village. The main entrance sits directly across the street from Babbo, Mario Batali’s joint. I didn’t want Italian so I walked to Washington Square Park and took a few photos, reveling in the spring air. Everyone was walking their dogs or spending time with family and friends. This week is an awesome time to be in New York City.

After the park, where my camera flash had one guy convinced that there was lightning, I walked around the NYU campus. I was trying to find the Ben and Jerry’s on Bleeker Street. Unfortunately for me I spent 30 minutes walking away from the folks carrying sugar cones instead of asking for directions. When I finally hit the scoop shop, I was 6 people too late. The “free cone day” ended at 8pm and I left without Chubby Hubby. I did get a free coupon that I’ll try to redeem tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath.

The ice cream defeat left me wanting for sweet so I was glad to find a Mister Softee truck on my block. I got a chocolate malt and chatted up a dude in a UGA cap. A hearty “Go Dawgs” was all he needed to chew my ear off for 10 minutes. Seems he’s an Atlanta native, pining for Athens and Braves baseball. When I mentioned working for TBS, he nearly hugged. Seems his NYC-native girlfriend doesn’t understand college football or “America’s Team” – go figure.

Filled with the happy exchange and some malted fuel, I walked north to the Greenwich Brewing Company. I had their sampler and some chicken fingers before settling on a pint of their Red Ale. Good stuff – hoppy, amber-colored and exceedingly drinkable on a cool, clear Manhattan evening. I was very sad to have to leave my pint glass and the great neighborhood behind. I walked back to the hotel and cursed myself for not leaving the conference earlier to take pictures. Tomorrow I’ll have to be very frugal with my time. Mr. Jarvis and Mr. Rubel might make their way to my Flickr pool.


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