Plane Playlist

The inbound flight from Atlanta to NYC was late by about 30 minutes. No worries – I had Jenn’s iPod. After listening to Coldplay’s A Rush of Blood to the Head for about 3 songs, we boarded. Take-off was scheduled for 7:00 and we pulled away from the jetway at 7:05.

We were 7th in line for take-off. Coldplay keeps rockin’. 30 seconds later, the pilot is telling us we missed our window and that we’re now 14th in line. By the time we actually did leave the ground at 7:45 I had moved on to The Rainbow Connection. Kermit was a perfect fit for lift-off.

Rounding the Bronx and Yankee Stadium, I fired up California by Phantom Planet. Yes, I know I was going to Atlanta. No, The OC hasn’t ruined this song for me. Great music for leaving someplace and heading home.

As we flew over New Jersey, I had to listen to the Garden State soundtrack. I got all the way to Colin Hay before I started listening to Keane. I got through their entire album. Wonderful, lyrical travelling music. I could close my eyes and just forget about my journey.

On initial descent into Atlanta, I played Gary Jules cover of Tears for Fears’ Mad World. Originally featured in Donnie Darko, a film that features a plane crash. Weird thing the subconscious mind. Good song, though. I was feeling really lonely and I just wanted to be home.

During landing I listened to the first few songs off the John Faye Power Trip album. We got stock on the tarmack waiting for our gate to open up. A little Why Georgia from John Mayer put me in the right mood.

I didn’t put the headphones on for my drive home and I didn’t keep a perfect record of all my listening habits, but I’m learning. The next time I take a long trip with the iPod I’ll keep a more thorough log.

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