Island Mini-Golf

I love being smug.

No doubt about it, when my head is swelled with pride and my grin nearly touches my ears, I’m a happy man.

Today I’m happy about miniature golfing. Sure I played 3 rounds in the past weeks (all three times in the beautiful spring weather of North Carolina) but that’s not the source of my smugness. No, I’m smug because I “produced” one of the finest flash miniature golf games in all the internets, Island Mini-Golf.

I’m not one to pimp my day job too much, but this is stellar work, even by my high standards. The good folks at The Dimension’s Edge in Utah have made an awesome, all-Flash miniature golf game that puts other, more expensive and Shockwave golf games to shame. Tom Beatty and his team have outdone themselves and I couldn’t be prouder to be associated with such a great game. If the universe rewards greatness then this golf game should be rocketing up the Google charts and staying there for some time to come.

And just for fun, see if you can beat my 13-under par 29. I have a screenshot on my laptop that I’ll add here tomorrow, lest you think I’m fibbing. Until then, flex your mouse hand and play a few rounds. You won’t be disappointed.



UPDATE: My co-worker Bill scored a tidy 16-under par 26. Well played, Bill. Well played.

2 thoughts on “Island Mini-Golf

  1. jeff wilson says:

    Hi there the best score I have managed to get is 25.
    Front was 11 and back was 14,has anyone managed to get better than this.

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