Towards a Nipple-less TV

In a move of weird self-censorship, ABC is apparently digitally removing Teri Hatcher’s erect, clothing-covered nipples from episodes of Desperate Housewives. I’m no expert but I’m guessing if you watch that show you wouldn’t mind seeing Teri’s nipples. Come to think of it, her nipples might drive ratings, which is the point of network TV the last time I checked.

This reminds of a similar story I’d heard about Pam Anderson’s show Stacked. I mean, come on, the show is called Stacked. Isn’t it a crime not to show her nipples beneath her skimpy tops?

Disney is rumored to have done the same thing to Lindsay Lohan’s entire chest in the new Herbie movie. This one instance I can see, but the previous two are just silly.

Free the nipples!

[Via BWE]

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