Turn red lights green

Gizmodo is reporting today about a “DIY MIRT“, a device used by law enforcement that changes red lights to green. I’m not the type to build anything myself (see today’s earlier post on the Game Cube ATAT casemod) so I don’t think I’m the target audience. The concept, despite the effort required, is still pretty intriguing.

Actually, the most notable/memorable demonstration of this concept, at least for me, is in the movie Corrina, Corrina. Whoopi Goldberg’s character Corrina teaches the mute, grieving Molly to change traffic lights by blowing them out like candles. Cute scene that really encapsulates their relationship in the film. And working for my employer, I’ve seen it on-air across our various networks numerous times, most recently on Turner South. It’s still fresh in my mind and thus apropos.

Aside: we (and many other people) think Raelyn looks like a young Tina Majorino, the girl who portrayed Molly in the movie. Jenn even went so far as to Photoshop a before/after or separated at birth image of the two girls. If I can get her to give it to me, I’ll share with the blog.

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