Harry Potter: Horcrux

SPOILER ALERT: Secrets of the newest book and speculation about the conclusion of the series are below. Read at you own risk. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

I don’t want to put any spoilers out on the internet concerning Harry Potter and the Half-Brood Prince, especially the fact that Severus kills Albus (oops), but I’m dying to discusss the latest book. Jenn still hasn’t read Order of the Phoenix and my mother-in-law is only 200 pages in. So here I am stuck with no one to talk to but the blog.

Hello, blog? Wanna hear a theory? You do? Great!

Here it is: Harry Potter is the sixth Horcrux. Shocking!, you say? Surely you saw it coming? Lemme break it down.

Here, in no particular order, are the Horcruxes as I have determined them:

1) Tom Riddle’s diary (seen in Book 2: Chamber of Secrets)
2) Marvolo’s ring (Book 6: Half-Blood Prince)
3) Slytherin’s “S” locket (Book 6: Half-Blood Prince)
4) The Hufflepuff Cup (Book 6: Half-Blood Prince)
5) Something from Ravenclaw (Book 6: Half-Blood Prince)
6) Harry Potter (pretty much the entire series, really, but the story is originally told in Sorcerer’s Stone. Thinking back, it sounds like Lily Potter’s death was the fuel for turning Harry into a Horcrux and the lightning-bolt scar is the evidence)

It would be the perfect strategy on Voldemort’s part. The prophecy states that neither can survive while the other lives. What better way to assure yourself that Harry Potter will die and the prophecy will keep you (Voldemort) alive than to split part of your soul into his body.

This action would explain Voldemort’s disapperance after the act, Harry’s parseltongue abilities and his psychic link to Voldemort. It seems very clear, but also very obvious.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Tom Riddle made Ginny the Horcrux sometime during Chaber of Secrets. Maybe Dumbledore was right about the snake, Nagini, being a Horcrux. Or maybe, just maybe, I’m right and Harry will somehow have to rid himself of Voldemort’s soul or die trying.

In any event, we’ll all be waiting for Book 7 with bated breath to see how this wonderful series ends. Until then, I’m re-reading them all.

UPDATE: Others supporting my assessment about Harry being a Horcrux.
A Small Victory
Alas, a blog

UPDATE II: I’ve written another post, as promised, detailing my other views about the events in Book 7 as well as expounding a bit on my original theory.

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101 thoughts on “Harry Potter: Horcrux

  1. Bea says:

    Owl ur comments are very interesting. I just have a question: what would be the problem if Harry was using unforgivable curses? Lots of comments were in that direction, but if Harry used them to defend himself and the school, there should be a case of “legitime defense”, shouldn’t it?
    I believe Snape is a traitor to LV, but still he can genuily want to protect himself from being hurt…

  2. Johanna says:

    Why create a Horcrux? To immortalize a piece of one’s soul. That piece is destroyed / lost forever if the horcrux is destroyed. So it is utterly stupid to create a horcrux out of a mortal being. (Apart from the fact that you cannot control what that mortal being is doing to that piece of your soul). Should you use a mortal being, for example as a temporary horcrux (is their such a thing? Come to that later), it must be a long-living being you trust completely. (Like the snake.) It makes no sense to create a horcrux and then spend the next 16 years trying to destroy it. Suicide can be committed in easier ways.

    On temporary horcruxes: is it possible to retrieve the piece of your soul you’ve lost to create a horcrux? Doubtfull – a soul is unreparable damaged by a killing, the only way not to ‘lose/waste’ that lost part is by creating a horcrux. But it is not known how that magic can be undone (if it were, creating a horcrux wouldn’t be half as big a taboo as it is now).

  3. trease says:

    1. Dumble not dead = lamest possibility. Come on, a lot of true emotion was spent there. Just like when Sirius died, JKR doesn’t fool around. This isn’t some perfect little fairy tale where everything comes out right because we want it to. If so, it would be utterly boring. The sincerety and personal struggle and sacrifice of these books if far more important than a happy ending … aren’t you paying attention?

    2. Snape is alive, and knows everything that Dumbledore did about the horcruxes and DD’s quest to destroy them. He is “in the know”. Will Harry learn of this before, during, or after the final battle with LV … that’s the most interesting and intense question in B7.

    3. Out on a limb here, but Harry needs a starting point for his horcrux quest. So, after they figure out RAB = regulus = necklace = Grimauld, all basically by reasoning (like all of you did), while there he encounters Kreature. Either Kreature will let it slip, or HP will figure it out, but we learn Kreature was with RAB when we got the horcrux from the cave. Recall that it takes 2 to get it, and one must not be a wizard. Kreature will have more info that HP will force him to spill, and finally Harry can quest for the rest of the horcruxes (or know what other ones RAB found or destroyed.)

    4. Harry will not die. Dumbledore claimed many times in B6 that Harry was too young to die, but he had been around long enough.

    5. Harry is the horcrux. IT WAS NEITHER PLANNED, NOR AN ACCIDENT. Here’s what happened… LV indeed wanted to kill Harry, and went through James and Lily to get to him. (and perhaps we has going the make the final horcrux with Harry as the required murder.) However, he didn’t realize Lily’s love charm until he initiated the AK curse. When thing’s went wrong and he could see everything was going to back fire and he would die, he HAD to make Harry the last horcrux, to reach his immortal 7 pieces, or else be forever lost. It was the last thing he could do to save himself. And no, LV doesn’t know what the implications of all this might be … how could he? Remember, there is nothing really known about them except what little Slughorn offers.

    5b. How will Harry shake his horcrux status? Will it happen before or after he finishes off LV? My guess it Harry will finally grow up, and will reject the horcrux off his own will, perhaps during the battle with LV. Yes, Harry is still immature through B6 … he can’t even do occlumency yet because of his immature mind. However, others have hinted at the isolation and guilt Harry will be forced to deal with … this is where the internal struggle and change begins. Ah, and I see it just now … Harry cannot finish off LV until he realizes the truth about Snape. Think about it: how can a person so full of hate, especially a misdirected hate, have the purity of soul to finish off the final evil? That just doesn’t fly in any genre.

    6. Snape will live. Think of the beauty of this. Harry, mister internal struggle himself, now has to deal with mixed feelings about him. He will come to pity, appreciate, forgive, and (even love?) Snape. Think about it: who is the only person in the world that trusted Snape? Dumbledore, the same person he had to kill! How would you feel after that!!?? Any and everyone will pity and praise Snape after the truth comes out. Harry will bond with Snape when he realizes how strong the bond between Snape and DD was and its true nature.

    7. The Big Kicker! Snape, perhaps the most interesting person in the whole series, I repeat is Dumbledore’s partner and confidont. (of course, he could’ve never let this on the anyone … Harry, the professors, even you, the reader … LV would find out!) Snape is Harry’s protector, will aid in LV’s death, and is the very powerful HBP. And he is home at Hogwarts. Don’t worry kids, Hogwarts will reopen after B7 …
    … with Snape as the new HeadMaster!!!

    ETC. Neville, no, irrelevant. Nagini, no. (cmon, LV was already weakened!). only 6 horcruxes + LV = 7. sorting hat = no.

    Final Note: Yes, DumbleDore is dead, although there is a lot of evidence he might return. This is all ‘red herring’ from Rowling just to mislead you. (snape could’ve used non-verbal, DD flew in the air and was NOT unmarked, DD sleeping in his portrait, phoenix lament could’ve been healing cries, phoenix seen at the funeral pyre.) But no, don’t hide from the truth. Dumbledore died doing what he must and was preparing Harry the whole time to continue on without him. And the phoenix’s lament was the saddest part of the book … that’s when I knew it was true.

  4. RAB = Regulus Black, there is no doubt (JKR would have to work hard on a different character),
    HP a horcrux… can be, but maybe not. We are not told enough about how they are created.
    DD a horcrux vs. DD not dead…. these two contradict each other, considering the full theories behind. My wish is that DD is NOT dead, NOT a horcrux and Snape is indeed an ally (I wouldn’t use the expression “good guy” on him, though). The only flaw I see in this scenario: Snape DID make an U.W. to do “Draco’s duty, if Draco fails”. One who breaks the U.W. is supposed to die. Draco’s duty was to kill DD, Snape did not die – is JKR going to play a trick on us along the lines “Snape didn’t swear that he’ll do it at the same moment Draco fails. He thought for a moment before his third “I Will”, saw this flaw and therefore could proceed without real danger for himself”? Well, we know house elves can bend orders given to them, if there is room for dodging… I wish DD to survive, yes, even to be a phoenix animagus (one suggestion here, a good one) and come to Harry’s aid when all is lost, not unlike the Book 2 climax.
    Yes, Snape in love with Lilly, that fits JKR’s take on love affairs perfectly. I believe Snape indeed is an ally, wants LV to be finished – BUT ONLY TO BECOME THE DARK LORD NO.1 HIMSELF!!! He’s never done anything sentimental alone, in all his actions there is a visible drive for maximizing his own profit. Snape will not help either one, HP or LV. Unless he’s eliminated before the Great Battle, he’ll wait for the result and at least try to kill the survivor.
    Both LV and HP dying makes the most sense, whether HP is a horcrux or not. Snape surviving all would lead to a nice looping: old heroes and villains are dead, and there is a new evil lord to be dealt with in the next generation. Not immediately, as Snape has no followers. To the contrary, after the 6th book the jealous death eaters are his most dangerous competitors.

    Altogether, the 6th book is a good prelude to the final, leaves many plots possible. I thought… we all, who have the guts, should simply sit down and write our own Book 7. Not to challenge JKR, nobody want’s to cut her well deserved sales. It would make HP immortal. Just the same way JRRTolkien’s phantasy gained immortality with D&D RPG’s. I believe HP is worth this immortality. Who’s with me?

  5. Liz says:

    the theory that snape didn’t really kill dumbledore(and that he used another nonverbal spell )is interesting but then what about snape’s unbreakable vow?does that mean he has to kill dumbledore eventually or die himself?

  6. Liz says:

    if snape isnt really evil and was loyal to dumbledore all along and will help harry in then end then why is it a secret?shouldnt harry know so that he doesnt try to kill(not necessarily kill but put in Azkaban or harm) this good and extremely talented wizard?

  7. Liz, who said Dumbledore was a Horcrux? The point of my post is that Harry is a Horcrux.

    Has some other commenter made this crazy Dumbledore assertion?

    Ah, I see it now. That person needs professional help.

  8. uglort says:

    Has anyone done any thinking on the Hufflepuff cup-horcrux? I haven’t seen any posts on it, so here’s something people may have missed.

    Has anyone noticed that the woman who Voldemort killed and stole the cup from was named Hepzibah SMITH? Anyone wonder why a brand new character that was never mentioned previously was introduced in book 5? Zacharias Smith has gotten way too much air time in the last two books if he doesnt have some role to play in future: why would JKR introduce a new character so late in the series? Hepzibah and Zacharias are related. Hepzibah Smith herself states that she is distantly descended from Hufflepuff himself; Zacharias is a really snotty, arrogant Hufflepuff-maybe his sense of self-importance is due to his lineage?

    This theory doesnt amount to much more than saying that Zacharias Smith will have some horcruxial role to play in the 7th: perhaps he will have some information useful to Harry (the Smith family certainly knew about the cup before it was stolen by Voldy, as they looked for it after the death of Hepzibah- so says Dumbledore in Book 6). Who knows. Anyways, just thought I’d bring that to all y’alls attentions.

  9. Haazheel says:

    I totally agree with your theory, I did write it too in my blog (http://haazheel.skyblog.com), it’s sure, there is no other possibilities, it explains the prophecy and the scar and the mental relation between Voldemort and him. Moreover, to make a horcrux, you have to kill somebody, V did kill two characters before he tried and kill harry, and, we know that V wants a symbolic thing from all the father founders of hogwart and harry is probably the Godric Griffindor’ heir because he lived in Godric’s hollow and in the chamber the sorting hat gave him the sword of griffindor. As for me it’s obvious!
    Come on and look my website (in french, yes I’m a bloody frog-eater lol) http://haazheel.skyblog.com

  10. Chuck says:

    Liz asked: “if snape isnt really evil and was loyal to dumbledore all along and will help harry in then end then why is it a secret?shouldnt harry know so that he doesnt try to kill(not necessarily kill but put in Azkaban or harm) this good and extremely talented wizard? ”

    Liz, I think that LV’s ability to see Harry’s thoughts explains that. If Snape really is a good guy, and LV found that out by reading Harry’s thoughts. . . that would be the end of Snape. (Some people might think that’s not such a bad idea (-: )

  11. la says:

    i read somewhere that snape is a vampire. (remember the encounter between snape and lupin after snape has asked the students to write an essay on werewolves. there lupin lets sth slip about vampires) i would love to hear what others think.

  12. Mark Evans says:

    People, no-one has commented on my idea that Mundungus has the RAB horcrux after nicking it from grimmauld place, which i personally think is quite an interesting idea…how about you guys???

    Just for the record, Dumbledore IS dead but sirius isn’t – usually, in these types of stories, if you didnt see the person die, they didn’t although dumbledore is the red-herring exception ( harry will go beyond that veil thing – still unexplained – to save sirius). Snape isn’t bad, for the simple reason that this totally undermines Dumbledores intelligence (as he would have totally misjudged snape) and also shows the quality of forgiveness and seeing the best in people in a very bad light – something that jkr cant do in these childrens books!

    What do people think about deaths in the final book – my moneys on ginny……

    oh and i also think that voldemort wont die but something else really clever (we already know that jkr is a genius) will happen because dumbledore (who basically represents God) is ALWAYS banging on about how Voldemorts greatest fault was that he thought death was the worst thing possible…therefore there is definitely some punishment worse that death waiting for him out there…..any ideas?????

    And also, whoever posted that thing about snape loving lily, and rejection turing him evil but her death turning him back good is a genius….that is soooo clever…and that is blatantly the main detail we will find out about james and lily….. although what the f*** is it with her eyes??!

  13. Moonfaling says:

    i belive that your theory is right up untill the point where you mention that ginny might be the horcrux. i seriously doubt this. reasons: tom (from the diary) is a horcrux, if he turned ginny into a horcrux then he would have had to split his already split soul. other than that i believe your theories and harry has to die. i hope percy weasly does to, i never liked him.

  14. natalie says:

    Ok.. obviously the locket stated in the “order of the phoenix” is a horcrux because JKR wrote about it as if it weren’t important (Chapter 6, The noble and most ancient house of Black” page 116) “They found an unpleasent-looking silver instrument, something like a many-legged pair of tweezers, which scuttled up Harry’s arm like a spider when he picked it up, and attempted to puncture his skin; …. ; ALSO A HEAVY LOCKET THAT NONE OF THEM COULD OPEN,” JKR threw that out ocasionally so we wouldn’t pay much attention to it… but off course.. that proves RAB is Regulus * Black… for two obvious reasons:
    1-He was once a death eater and when he realized who Voldemort really was he attempted to back out and Voldemort killed him.
    2-The locket was found where Regulus Black lived…obvious isn’t it??
    I don’t think Harry is going to die..The only chapter of the 7th book JKR has written is the last one. And according to an interview for BBC she stated that the last sentence in the book was Hermione asking Harry: “Harry, where’s your scar?”
    Obviously, when Lord Voldemort is killed Harry’s scar disappears.

  15. Chuck says:

    Does anybody believe that an author of JK’s intelligence would reveal the final line of her most anticipated novel? I sure don’t.

  16. chewdleg says:

    Not Harry, I don’t think – if you remember, Harry’s scar is where it hurts when HWMNBN (Voldie) starts acting up. There’s no reason not to make the scar itself the horcrux. AD is dead, dead, dead. He even made Harry swear he’d kill him if he instructed him to do so. Remember? I don’t think the Snapester is the bad guy Harry thinks he is, because he’s saved his little toushy at least five different times in the series, and finally figured out some way to teach Harry potions! However, remember that AD’s familiar is a phoenix, and also remember the rather spectacular funeral effect. Why would you write that if you weren’t going to use it later? Snape knows SOMETHING he’s not telling, though. Not sure what, but there’s definitely something there. Trust ADs judgement.

  17. eva says:

    ? on Neville’s role in Voldemort’s final battle: Neville
    got the last wand Ollivander made before he dissappeared. If O. ended up with the death eaters, he might have made a “final” wand for Voldemort?

  18. James McCarthy says:

    I was rereading book six and thought maybe dumbledore had a little more than we know of concerning Harry’s parents death. I thought this up because on page 572 and 573 dumbledore said
    ‘Its all my fault, alll my fault I know I did wrong, oh please make it stop and I will never ever again,.”
    Then later he says” Dont hurt them dont hurt them please its my fault.”

    just thought that was interesting

  19. anyone says:

    If HP is a horcrux (which would make for an interesting book 7) then think about this. Remeber in the end of book 5 when Dumbledore said to HP that Voldemort couldn’t “poses” (i can’t spell so spell it out) HP because to do so caused him mortal harm. (In case you have forgotten, HP ended fighting Voldemort at the ministry and Dumbledore came to the rescue.) So with this information how is that possible.

  20. Tony says:

    You are right. Harry is the Horcrux. Harry did not survive the killing curse because it NEVER WAS a killing curse. It was to turn Harry into a horcrux. And the reason that Voldemort had to stop possessing Harry in the Ministry is because Harry was thinking about Sirius at that exact moment. Remember how Dumbledore said that LOVE was Harry’s power? Also, don’t forget how Marvolo’s ring is cracked after being horcrux’d Kinda like a SCAR, isn’t it?

  21. Tony says:

    Dumbledore is dead. However…wasn’t there a phoenix flying out of his tomb when the flames appeared? Anyone actually know how phoenix’s get made? Hmmm. Dumble-phoenix?
    And yes, Snape is innocent and was acting under Dumble’s orders. The argument Hagrid witnessed? Dumbledore begging Snape at the end ( to do what he promised to do?) Don’t count Snape and Pettigrew (his debt to Harry) out. They may both be on Harry’s side in the end.

  22. Rodger Anthony says:

    I think that there is a good possibility that Harry is a horcrux. While suggestions that it happened either accidentally or on purpose when James or Lilly died are possible, I don’t think it will go that way.

    YKW wanted Harry dead, not as a Horcrux. My guess is that when he tried to kill Harry and it backfired YKW (in the grasps of death) used his own death to fuel the creation of Harry as a Horcrux. Another possibility is that the “ultimate act of evil” needed to make the horcrux was YKW’s attempt to kill Harry. It wouldn’t be any less evil because it failed. In any case, when YKW was dyeing he made Harry a horcrux.

    Based on my speculation above, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are 8 horcruxes. Harry creation being unplanned. It’s hard to believe that the dark lord haden’t recked up 7 murders by the time he tried to kill harry.

    About Dumbledore/Snape, I’m conflicted. I’m not sure that Dumbledore is really dead. Think about what Dumbledore told Malfoy right before the other deatheaters come. YKW won’t come for you it your already dead. The members of the OOTP can make it look like you and your mother are dead.

    Well, Snape is a member of the OOTP and he could have done the same for Dumbledore. Because of the link between Harry and YKW, having Harry as a paralysed witness would make it all the more convincing.

    Then why isn’t Snape dead for breaking the unbreakable vow he made to Malfoy’s mother? Because he was protected by an earlier unbreakable vow he made to Dumbledore.

    Ex. 1) I make an unbreakable vow to keep you from being killed 2) someone who I can’t stop tells me they are going to kill you 3) I say don’t do it, I’ll do it for you 4) they say ok, but make an unbreakable vow that you will.

    The 2nd vow is required by the first. I can’t stop the person from killing you, but I’m bound to keep you from being killed. The only way I can keep my first vow is to agree to do the killing myself but not really kill you. When I make the 2nd vow, the 1st vow is already on me and it requires me to break the vow that I am making. It also won’t let me die from the 2nd vow, because then I won’t be able to keep the 1st vow – the person would see I died when I made the 2nd vow and just kill you himself.

  23. James McCarthy says:


    if i am remembering correctly in gof voldemort tried to kill harry but harry and voldy’s wands connected creating pricori incantantum. Why would voldemort try to kill his so called Horcrux.

  24. dylan says:

    I have many theorys myself but unfortunatley each one of them has mounds of evidence pointing for it and against it. There are a few things though, that i believe to be deffinatley true
    1. sadly, dumbledore is deffinatley dead (all good things must come to an end)
    2.Snape COULD still be on our side
    4.I agree that Jk Rowling has many secrets still to be revealed in the 7th book and mabye even some that will never be completly revealed but on that same not I ALSO AGREE NEARLY ALL OF THE FAR FETCHED THEORYS THAT COME UP WILL REMAIN THEORYS FOREVER AND ARE WAY TO OUT THERE

  25. Chenturan says:

    Look guys
    harry being a horcrux is not a twist…its obvious…too obvious
    im sure rowling knows that lots of people r gonna think that he is so she is gonna suprise us and make us all look like idiots. In addition, if rowling planned on harry being horcrux after seein the hundreds of sites that show that many people r thinking Harry is a horcrux she will have no choice but to change her idea.

    She purposely puts in little things to make us think about stuff i.e the small mentioning of regulus black….harry finds the initial r.a.b. just like the scar which i think is trying to make us turn into the opposite direction by thinking it is a horcrux

    As for snape… dumbledore isnt stupid, he has continuously said that snape is a gud guy…dumbledore was gonna die anyway…so snape killed him to keep his cover

  26. Chenturan says:

    just to add to the list of horcruxes mentioned at the top of the site…those objects are way too obvious.

    It seems like a walk in the park it shouldnt be that obvious.

    J.K rowling will have things that u have ignored and thought “that cant be a horcrux”. It will be things u least expected

  27. zach says:

    I believe Dumbledore is anmigus.It would be stupid to think Harry Potter will not die in the 7th book.Or Voldemort.I also hope it has over 1,000 pages.

  28. Chenturan says:

    zach u r a dumbass….sirius black is already dead….you havent read any of the books have u?? just watched the movies i presume *shakes head*….Whether harrry dies or not is still undecided by rowling….u never know, voldemort might not die…thrown in azkaban maybe (doubt it)….malfoy will not die (he seems too innocent and young)…snape might die (depending where his loyalty lies)…1000 pages??? its all about quality not quantity zach

  29. mikey says:

    heyy everybody..sorry if i repeat anything other people have already said but i was way to lazy to read everything..first off..dumbledores alive..the book really stressed nonverbal curses so maybe snape really didnt say the avada kedavra..and even if he did since wen do the victims of the spell go flying over the ramparts..in the goblet of fire cedric just dropped dead..second off i think snapes good..i like the idea about him loving Lily therefore backing up everything dumbledore alwayss said about love being so strong..i just hope harry gets to kick snape in the nuts before he realizes hes good..personally i dont think harrys a horcrux..just because i doubt voldemort wud keep trying to kill him..unless he didnt realize he put part of his soul into harry..which i find hard to believe cuz i think slughorn said u had to do a spell to split ur soul.im just hoping more for my own health that hes not a horcurx cuz i dont think i cud take it…i aslo think theres gotta be something special about harry having his momz eyes because JK brings it up every other paragraph…i hope we see more of dumbledores brother too, the bartender at the hogshead he was in the order of phonex last time so i hope we see more of him now that dumbledores dead..and does anybody no why house elves can apparate inside hogwarts! it pisses me off..

  30. Clare says:

    Did anyone ever consider that the sorting hat might be the last horcrux? Dumbledore said that the sword was the only remaining relic of Griffindor, but in the fourth book the sorting hat says that, “…Twas Griffindor who found the way, he whipped me off his head…”. And didn’t Dumbledore say that LV didn’t have anything from Griffindor? Also, I think that R.A.B. is Regulus Black, but I’m still looking.

  31. Lottie says:

    Do you think that Tom’s special services award could be a horcrux, I think that might be one, instead of something of Ravenclaws/Griffindor’s. And is there more then one secret to the Chamber of Secrets…Has Voldemort hidden a horcrux there? I just think that Hogwarts s too important for Harry not to be going back, like he says he won’t return. But I think his Horcrux journey’s will lead him back there.

  32. Harry is not a horcrux. Why would Voldemort try to kill Harry, if he was a Horcrux???? Could it be that Godric Gryffindor’s sword is a horcrux? In the 2nd year Dumbuldore wasn’t aware of the horcrux and niether was harry. Soooooooooooooooooooo, does any else think Harry is not a horcrux??????????/

  33. Margaret says:

    It’s a really good theory, but why would Voldemort waste his time trying to kill Harry if he was the last Horcrux?

    *agrees with Leila*

  34. Reg says:

    A quote from The Chamber of Secrets page 245.
    ‘ ‘ Voldemort put a bit of himself in me?’ Harry said, thunderstruck.’
    ‘ It certainly seems so’ Dumbledore replies.

  35. will says:

    Harry can not be it because it says in the 6th book that voldemorts pet snake is the 6th one, voldemort is the 7th. the loket is in the ancient house of black pertected by krecher.

  36. Britt says:

    ok for 1 harry is not a horcrux sorry for all the work you did think of the logic because if “he -who-must-not-be-named” is trying to kill harry as in the fourth one why would he put himself as a weakness by killing harry and trying to get rid of his arch enemy alsodumbledore said his snake was a horcrux he wanted to kill harry in the first place not place a seventh of his precious soul into him although dumbledore’s reasoning was theoretical it was correct so why in the world would after years of control in the wizarding world why would voldemort want to kill himself … and on wills comment that the death was faked the avada kedavra curse was used then why would they bury him why did they not tell anyone else and why of all reasons are harry’s parent aren’t there

  37. Srinath says:

    Harry Potter is a horcrux

    In Book 5 the Snake seems to rise inside Harry to bite Dubledore only when they make eye contact. This might be due to Dumbledore reading Harry’s mind might wake the soul of Voldermort inside Harry. It is unlikely that voldermort is constantly monitoring Harry to attack Dumbledore.

    Also the animal inside Harry starts to rise whenever he thinks of Ginny (who escaped Voldermort) and not when he was thinking or talking to Cho (even when she went with Cedric)

    The animal insie Harry might me Voldermort’s Soul and their essence is essentially divided between good in Harry and bad in voldermort.

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