Bicycle Sidewalk

My cousin Nate has a cool new vlog, Bicycle Sidewalk, where he’s posting videos of his everyday life. Of course, the most recent video is him in his car driving, which doesn’t seem that safe to me, but he does stop filming when his cellphone rings. Don’t be shocked if he drives on the left side of the road, he lives in Japan.

I’m really jealous of him having such a great time in a foreign country and that he’s vlogging and I’m not. Plus, I think it’s amazing that he’s so very far away, but we can still communitcate and share our lives through blogs, video and pictures.

I heard from him today that his sister, my cousin Ashleigh, is coming to visit him soon. I wish Jenn and I could go. Too busy and too far this year. Maybe next year when we’re in Hawaii and closer. I’d love to see Japan and Jenn hasn’t been in over a decade.

If I knew a cool Japanese phrase to express my excitement, hope and love, I’d write it here. Nate? A little help, please.

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