Oceanic Airlines Update

A quick update to my enormous Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 post from last month. I’d put the update there, but the page is getting awfully crowded. Besides, the new information comes directly from two commenters this afternoon.

1) Go to the seating chart
2) Click on pre-board check-in
3) Drag the letters into the box to spell out “OTHER MAN” and you’ll see a clip

Enjoy. Visit this post for any additional updates should they occur.

3 thoughts on “Oceanic Airlines Update

  1. Oceanic Airlines Flight 815

    Lost finished it’s first season 7 days ago and already ABC has a clever viral website promoting the second season. Go to the official Oceanic Airlines site (oceanic-air.com) and you’ll see what I mean. Most of the links on the site are d…

  2. Chris says:

    Another little egg they have on the seating chart. down where it says “Economy Class” it has the seat numbers 11 – 42 under it. Every so often an “F” will flash near there. Click the F and that seat will light up. Click the seat and you get a clip that hints toward survivors from the tail section.

  3. I am ultra depressed that Lost is over. I can’t believe we are seeing the last season tonight. What are we going to do now that it’s gone. Daniel Dae Kim is so sexy! Where can I see him in the next show? I am guessing there will be a movie deal now.

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